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The Company
Story of My Life (SOML) is a new and exciting Internet company that provides an innovative way to share stories with friends, family, and the Internet community.


The Problem
SOML was experiencing technical and business challenges related to the design and implementation of the network components in their data center. These challenges created a delay in their go-live timeline and a significant expense for consulting resources that were brought in to resolve these challenges, and were unsuccessful.  There were also other concerns focused around specific business objectives such as security, performance, and scalability.


The Solution
RouteHub came in and quickly solved the customer’s needs.  Why was RouteHub successful where other consulting firms had failed?  We listened to our customer.  We discussed what challenges and problems SOML was experiencing.  We determined timelines that the customer wanted to meet, and determined the overall needs of the business.  With that information, RouteHub was able to do a full assessment of the network infrastructure.  Then, RouteHub prepared a new infrastructure network design suited to the requirements of SOML and industry best practices.  The new design was successfully implemented, and the technical and business problems were solved.


RouteHub used logical steps to design and deploy a robust network infrastructure and address all the network-related problems/challenges SOML was experiencing.  RouteHub communicated with SOML throughout the effort and provided high-level knowledge and all necessary documentation.


RouteHub is a company that provides real value-added solutions from real world experience.


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