Data Center networking for E-Commerce, HPC, and Server Farm environments!

RouteHub provides strong networking experience for E-Commerce, HPC, and Server Farm networks. Data Center networks resemble much like a LAN Campus network but is focused with high-end performance and reliability. We provide large enterprise Data Center network experience and more listed under technology expertise. Below are what we can provide for each technology.

  • - Network Planning
  • - Network Assessments
  • - Network Design and Architecture
  • - Network Deployment and Configuration
  • - Operational Support and Troubleshooting

Content and Data Center Networking:

  • - Server Load Balancing (IOS, Service Module, Appliance)
  • - TenGigabit Ethernet and PortChannel
  • - Best Practices & Data Center Security

  • Data Center / Content Networking Hardware

    • - Cisco CSS 11500 Series (with SSL Accel Module)
    • - Cisco IOS SLB
    • - Cisco Catalyst Service Module or Appliance: ACE, CSM
    • - Global Load Balancing Appliance: Cisco GSS
    • - Cisco Local Director (End of Life)
    • - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series with Supervisor 720 Engines
    • - Cisco Catalyst 10GB Line Modules
    • - Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3000 for HP Blade Servers
    • - Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 Series for HPC networks


Interested in one of our services?

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