Our monitoring services include:

The following monitoring services are what we provide for some of our monitoring packages:

  • - Network Monitoring
  • - UP/DOWN State, Latency
  • - CPU and Memory Performance
  • - Interface Utilization and Errors
  • - Other SNMP monitored service
  • - Email Alerts
  • - Scheduled Reporting
  • - Client Access

Monitoring Client Access
We use Manage Engine's OpManager and Zenoss products for Fault and Performance Monitoring for our customer networks.

If you are interested in one or more of these services please contact us at sales@routehub.com or call 925-230-2203.

Let us monitor your network and proactive on critical issues or warnings!

We offer network monitoring services where we can monitor your network environment and devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, VoIP, and more!). We offer two different packages that can monitor the up/down state of your network, performance resources (CPU, memory, interface utilization, and errors), and receive alerts via email if there is an issue or warning generated. Receive automated network reports on the uptime, SLA, and performance trending. Providing an affordable solution for monitoring your network and knowing what is going on.

Basic Monitor Offering - Each node is $25/month
  • - Basic Monitoring (Up/Down State, Latency, Response Time)
  • - Automated email notifications
  • - Client Access
Advanced Monitor Offering - Each node is $50/month
  • - All Network Monitoring details listed under "monitor details" on the left
  • - Automated email notifications
  • - Scheduled Reporting
  • - Client Access