Other Managed Services
RouteHub also provides manage services for staff augmentation (part of our consulting managed services) for your company to outsourcing your IT network to us for network, systems, security, and data center roles.

If you are interested in one or more of these services please contact us at sales@routehub.com or call 925-230-2203.

We can manage your network while your network staff is away!

RouteHub provides Staff Augmentation services for companies looking for qualified network engineers to manage their network for a period of time while there current network engineers away from the office (e.g. vacation, family leave, etc). We provide consulting manage services where we will be able to support and manage for network effectively while your network engineer is gone. We can also help out with network projects, deployments, and other related work. We will gather all necessary documentation, turnover information, setup any network monitoring components, and more.


Our Consulting Manage Services include the following details:


  • - Professional Services
  • - Number of Consulting Hours
  • - Operational Support & Monitoring
  • - Client Ticketing for Support Requests
  • - Network Management


To learn more and obtain further information on our consulting manage services please call us at (925) 230-2203 or email us at sales@routehub.com with any questions.