Providing secure and reliable services for SOHO businesses!

Are you a SOHO and you’re not sure how RouteHub can help you? We can provide SOHO services such as remote access, basic security services, and wireless connectivity using robust small business products. Contact us to discuss your needs.


The following outlines our solutions for SOHO companies:


  • - Network Management, Monitoring, and Support
    - Remote Access solutions (access your network from your web browser!)
    - Wireless connectivity and deployment with Security
    - Internet connectivity
    - Firewall and additional security services
    - Easy switch configuration solutions to support Voice and Wireless
    - Technical Advising
    - Diagram and Documentation
    - Deployment and configuration of network services
    - Affordable standalone email solution with security for your company
    - Network Assessments (Best Practices and Considerations)
    - System Assessments (Anti-Virus, Patching, Scanning, etc)
    - Email support
    - Free network tools and solutions


We will focus on your business needs, evaluate the current state of your network, provide recommendations, and make any necessary changes to optimize your network. It’s simple…with RouteHub on your side, you can rest assured that your network is running and secure.

Call us at (925) 230-2203 or email us at with any questions.

  • Interested in one of our services?

    To learn more contact our Sales Team at or call 925-230-2203 if you are interested in one or more of these service(s).