RouteHub provides the following turnkey network solutions focused around voice and unified communication technologies. Choose the solution that fits best for your business and you will be provided solutions in regards to the hardware, professional services, network management, training, and monitoring.

This solution is recommended for companies with up to 8 to 48 users looking for a voice solution to provide voicemail, auto attendant, conferencing, and other basic voice features in a single solution.
- Business Size: Small, SMB

- Product(s): Cisco Unified 500 Series


Features and Benefits:

  • - Call Control/Management
    - Voicemail with email notifications
    - Auto Attendants
    - Conferencing
    - Basic SIP integration for clients
    - Connect to a SIP provider like ViaTalk for VoIP *
    - Stateful Firewall
    - Access your site remotely from anywhere using client IPSec or SSL VPN!
    - Support for VLANs
    - Easy to use graphical Firewall Management
    - Capabilities of connecting to other locations to share network resources
    - Connecting two ISP for Internet redundancy
    - Configure multiple DMZ networks
    - Wireless networking
    - Voice Features: Paging, Intercom
    - PSTN Failover capabilities
    - PSTN connection using ISDN PRI or Analog Line (FXO) *


*Capability of connecting to only one SIP provider. PSTN connection support for ISDN PRI may require additional hardware, initial appliance supports up to four analog lines.


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